Look Ahead & Laugh

by Suspect

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Look Ahead & Laugh is the full-length release by Suspect.
One year after their EP release, Suspect put everything they had into bringing to life their conception of solid New Jersey based punk.


released February 22, 2015

Recorded by Pete Steinkopf at Little Eden Studio in Summer 2014
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
Written and Produced by Suspect
Art Work by Gordon Sutherland



all rights reserved


Suspect New Jersey

Suspect is New Jersey based punk band centered on free-flowing ridiculousness, positive thought and mindless self indulgence.

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theres nothing
theres nothing
nothing like you
like me
like everything we see
there aint nothing
like that perfect song on the radio

when i hear that guitar, my mind starts to relax
when my goals seem so far, attack attack attack
cause i'm feeling i'm fuckin up all that i know
but i'm thinking ah fuckit this time i'ma show em


when i'm out on the road i'm blind to all the facts
when that sweet radio has the only feedback
that i can handle right now cause it knows it all
unlike everyone else who think they know it all

there's nothin'
there's nothin'
there's nothin'
good feeling' when that songs on the radio
shit gets real i don't fuckin' care
when i hear that guitar my mind starts to relax
when i'm out the road feedback feedback feedback

Track Name: ONE MORE DAY
My baby said she ain't ever sure
Got one foot plant, one out the door
Tryin' hard not to bet against...
Gimme one more day, I promise please
Gimme two more days, and I will go

Right back to the way Ive always been and always am
I try, try, try ... you're by my side
Holdin' faith in every hand

Gimme one more day, I promise please
Gimme two more days


And everything is gonna be just fine
And then here comes another day and that seems like a lie
When I can't stop it
Obsessive, Compulsive, Attention Deficit

I know that I will always try, my efforts fueled by love
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

No matter what comes day to day
Ill always give my all for you
They say Im always searching for a good time
Seems like I'm always searching for a good time
Truth is Id like to make em all good times
But balance is the key

Truly for me I need it
Cause sometimes I just gotta escape this mind
I gotta feelin
My head's started feeling off
I can't conceal it, its so appealing so

Straighten my head, as I tighten my laces
I kick out the door, as I enter the world, its so wide

Feel like I been here once before, and I feel unease
Like it ended bad
Here they all call it de ja vu
Call it awakening , I may not wake again
So right now I know... I want it all

Waste not, want not, embrace it
Cherish the perfect moments come
Leave the trouble behind us, look straight ahead
And follow the sun

We live for every falling sun
Lay down your head, check time, we waste none
We live for every falling sun, for every falling sun
And it may not be there, tomorrow when we lift our heads
So live like we don't care

Waste not, want not, be content and everything is clear
We've got all we want here
If you're never gonna know
Its time to go, its time to go
When everything they say that will be shown is never shown
And everybody's talking
Always sayin something, so on, so what

They never really know, they never did, they never do

Need something explained, explained
Just to ease the pain, its temporarily
And even if its shown, you're always left there wanting more
In certain situations there just aint no easy cure
Its just a quick fix, patch job and the truth always resurfaces here

I gotta make a move, don't search for the truth, Ill be the truth
Instead of wasting time on answers, I will never know
I cannot rely on what they say is true
I can just pull my head up and push on through
No more wasting time on something I will never know
And everything I wanted to be shown is never shown
And even if it is, I question if I wanna own

When all the voices talking say excuses, and the reasons, but everyday is new
My destiny, I tell me who
Only we can know the truth
Track Name: HOME
it's all time and there's so much wasted
enjoy time when there's time to kill
it's all salt in the see i've tasted
spit it out roll out and you know i will
I'm not breaking down this time
it ain't no different, keep it moving, like every other time
i'm not breaking down this time
and i'll say it til i'm blue

i wanna go home
sometimes without warning
good anytime when there's time to kill
that's all i want and when i want it its always there
i go home
where everything's nothing
its all gone and if it ain't you don't care
that's all i want its all i know and i hope you will
Find Out

24/7 days a week so full of hate and the only salvation found from digging in the crates
sifting through the shit to find that lonely gem, take it home and blast it
re-up everything i am
365 days a year so full of stress
trying to survive keeping our head above water at best
avoid the emptiness and fight the loneliness
needle to the wax the only way out of this mess
and I'm stressed i'm pressed i'm thinking bout the rest
and i'm putting on my best before i'm putting on my vest
and i curse at the worst still dying of thirst
saying we are the last and we surely ain't the first

Track Name: THE BAIT
It's written on your face
Your place you'll never know
All this over thinking you got sunken in a hole

They lurkin and theyre lookin
as they're pickin at your wounds

Take the bait, the bait, the bait

Take it or leave it

Bait, the bait, the bait

Take it or leave it

Whoa, hell no

We're working to stay broke
in the ever flowin sea of bills
we kick to stay afloat

Wake to a day, to a different mind
Gotta keep to the plan, of goin out for mine

We try try try
they decide
Do we join them
Do we survive

Violent, insanity
Workin, for you not me
Business, as usual
Do you wanna stay, or do you wanna go

Runnin for your fuckin life
Don't fall for them, you'll be alright
Runnin for your fuckin life
Don't reach for them if your fallin

Runnin for you fuckin life
just turn around and know your rights
Runnin for you fuckin life
Never give up
Run for your Fuckin life
Track Name: DEAD AHEAD
The world's going crazy
and everyone knows
Stay straight on the path
and don't ever show it

Just stay blind and ignore the truth
Shelter and misinform our youth

So much nicer
To live in a lie
Block out all the pain
and close our eyes

Cant save the world
Can do our part
The day will come
When they'll test our heart

Thoughts of a kick at the door
knocked out, dragged out
Across the floor
one by one well live no more
Literally or will by the price we pay

What are we gonna do
To defend against armageddon
What are we gonna do
To maintain the life we live

Just wanna be in control
Don't wanna be running scared
Just wanna live our lives
Don't wanna be caught unprepared
And get caught out
Wiped out without a trace
Cause something's coming down
Thats gonna wipe the fuckin face right

Off the world we love

And I don't ever
Wanna see it
Coming down and I hope
Generation upon generation
Don't see it either
Track Name: NOT TODAY
(Chorus)Runnin and runnin and racin
Racin and runnin and chain all of your dreams away

Faking it making a livin, takin what we have been given
For granted like it'll stay

Ask me how I know, I got a feeling
Guess Ill forget everything I know
How can it be okay, when you know we've seen better days
Ask me how I know, Ive got a feeling

I keep trying and Ill keep chasing
Sometimes when things get harder and its hard to keep that PMA
Never stopping, never replacing
Sometimes you want to run away

All pushing moving forward
Sometimes you wanna give up running right into the wall again
But I can't stop now and I won't give up
No today, no not fucking today

Ask me how I know I got a feeling
Life just fucking sucks, let that shit go
How can it be okay, when you know we've seen better days
I don't really know I just gotta feel it

I don't know anything but what I know
And thats for sure
I don't know anything, anymore, anyone, anyway

We all got rights, right?
Thats where you're wrong
Cause it seems theres certain places where so many don't belong
And how can you really know where someone's at, if you aint been where they've been understand where Im coming from

World is a stage and everyone performs
If you wanna get ahead you gotta conform to the norms
And all the while you stay true, whatever that means to you
You grow a layer of skin or two
Or two steps back when you do
Its true

I don't know anything, but what I know and thats for sure
I don't know anything, anymore, anyone, anyway

Lovers and fighters, early risers, all nighters
Statues with planted roots and the uprooted riders
Everyones got their comfort zone, so stay in your lane
If you step out, you're all alone and everyone critiques how you play
Stay, stay, stay, stay, stay in your lane
They've got to be so ashamed, why are they so afraid

Whatcha gonna do when we walk among you
Before you know its too late, were all here set it straight
Tell me what it is you think that you see, when you come across me

I don't know everything
Everyones always got something to say, they're all crazy
Anything...wheres all the love?
Feel like the outta placer, and not gettin no love
I feel like the unwelcomed, its everywhere I go
Why should I feel uneasy when Im actually proud
Your vibe is that my ways are never fucking allowed

What happened to your life man what happened to your dreams
If you step one toe outta lane, your mind separates at the seams
You're straight up, use that stick to help you
Pull your head outta your ass, you're fakin upper, you got no class
You blink an eye, your life will pass

Don't know why I stress out, its not my fucking life
Its probably cuz you bug out that I aint livin right
When my blood starts to boil, two things will come to mind
I dont wanna see you waster your or tell me how to waste mine

What happened to your life man, what happened to your dreams
If you step one toe outta line, your mind can't comprehend sixteen
You're straight up use that to help you
Pull your head outta your ass, Im livin easy, I got no class
and thats the way my life will pass

You smell yourself decaying, nip it off at the stem
Im sick of all these judgements, fuck it I'm judging them
Ill see you next time man, if we get another game
Because in last life, this life and the next life
Ill still be the same, what happened to your life man
What happened to your dreams, if you step one toe outta line
Your mind can't comprehend sixteen, you're straight up
Use that stick to help you pull your head outta your ass

Im living easy, I got no class and thats the way
My life will pass
Life will pass
Track Name: MIXTAPES
pop in that cassette tape
yeah that's right we still got tapes
don't understand the way we're thinking
or appreciate the taste
not about specific preference but about how we've been saved
and all the things that stuck with us since all those days
our boredom and depression
feeling the end swapping stories
all the greatest times with all our friends
opened our ears and then you opened this door
on first listen us you're given something to live for
pop in that cassette tape yeah that's right we still got tapes
don't wanna let go of the past because it paved the way and made us who we are
and gave us all our memories
of all the firsts and finest memories, hardest times
you say, no
we say yeah yeah yeah yeah
never listened when they were spittin that i was pissing my time away
always thought i'd be thinking that i would never be the same
same old story that you heard before but it never goes away
and you know how i feel if you've felt before and we'll never forget those days
never forget those days
Track Name: ONE WAY
What are we thinkin sometimes
A fork in the road
And we run toward do not enter signs
Caution in the rear view
Habit, entertainment
Or sometimes for something to do

We know that we can pay
A price we do it anyway
It seems so dumb
But also sometimes
The way we grow and become

I hate the struggle sometimes
But I love it more cause
It gave me the strength to survive
Thinking back on the times
The hardest of times

Hated them then, Now they give me pride
Hey Hey
One way our way, we learn the hard way
If we make it out the other side
One way our way, we learn the hard way
To gain that knowledge, strength,wisdom and pride
one way our way we learn the hard way
what are we thinking sometimes
a fork in the road and we run toward do not enter signs
caution in the rearview habit entertainment or sometimes something to do
we know that we can take whatever is gonna come our way
and if we can't we'll take the hit get up and walk and learn from it

one way our way we learn the hard way
if we make it to the other side
oneway our way we learn the hard way
to gain that knowledge strength wisdom and pride